Solution Center

Jabus Building Corp. can provide consulting services to help facilitate your construction needs and questions.

We provide Permitting and Violation Removal Services for the Dept. of Buildings, Dept. of Transportation and the Landmark Preservation Commission.

Department of Buildings

Jabus Building Corp. is a Licensed and Insured NYC Dept. of Buildings Registered Contractor. We can help provide the information you need and/or Expediting Services in order to obtain NYC Work Permitting.

Landmark Preservation

Jabus Building Corp. specializes in Historic Buildings. We can help with Landmark Preservation Permitting and/or Expediting Services to get the approvals you need to perform the work.

Consulting/Violation Removal

We are happy to meet with you or your group to discuss the Permitting and/or Violation removal process. We have a referral base that we have worked closely with for many years: Attorneys, Expediters, Architects and Engineers.